10 Unique Free Graphics for Web Designers

Any good web designer should have a portfolio of the best free graphic sites they can refer to during the website creation process. There’s nothing worse than having a clear idea of what is needed but not having the right graphics to get the job done. Don’t spend endless hours searching Google for the best free sites, instead be sure to bookmark the list below.

1. Freepik

Freepik supplies designers with an array of illustrations, vector art, PSDs, and photos. With over one billion graphic downloads, there’s no shortage of potential graphics that would fit a project. This site does offer premium options for an addition price, however, there are more than enough free graphics for any designer to use. All graphic downloads are free to use with attribution. Files can be downloaded in AI, EPS, and SVG formats.

2. Graphic Stock

This site offers royalty-free photos, vectors, and illustrations. With a simple search, it’s possible to find exactly the right graphics for one’s project. There are no limitations when it comes to downloading from Graphic Stock. A person can download as many graphics as they want as many times as they would like. All graphics are royalty-free, meaning they can be used for commercial projects as well.

3. 365PSD.com

Originally started by Jonno Riekwel as a way to share one free Photoshop Document a day, 365PSD has turned into a large selection of freebies for any web design project. There are currently millions of graphics available. There are both free and premium graphics. 365PSD is also an online sharing site for those designers who would like to upload their own images to share with the online community.

4. BrandEPS

This website is ideal for designers needing a quick logo or icon for their project. BrandEPS currently has over 3,000 brand icons and over 9,000 brand logos. The files are available for download in PNG, JPG, and SVG formats. New designs are added daily.

5. 1001 Free Downloads

This is a one-stop shop for website designers. This site collects all the best photos, icons, wallpapers, gradients, patterns, textures, clipart, brushes, PSDs, and fonts from across the web and puts them all in one place. All the downloads are royalty-free so they can be used for personal and commercial purposes. This should be one of the first places on any web designer’s go-to list for free graphics.

6. DryIcons

This is one of the best free sources online to get website icons. DryIcons offer over 5,000 icons that are situated in 77 different icon sets. With so many options there will always be one to fit the current project one is working on. In addition, this website offers over 1,700 vector graphics. There are free, regular and extended licenses available on their products.

7. Vexels (Vector Open Stock)

Previously known as Vector Open Stock, the new beta version is Vexels. This site is home to vectors, PSDs, and transparent PNGs. At Vexels a web designer can edit the current designs on the Vexels platform to create a more customized graphic. This website adds more graphics each day.

8. Flaticon

This site boasts that it’s the largest search engine for free vector icons across the entire Internet. The total available right now is 317,660 free icons that are separated into 5,651 packs. These can be downloaded in EPS, PSD, BASE 64, SVG, and PNG formats.

9. Font Squirrel

Having the right font makes a world of difference in retaining a reader on a website. Font Squirrel has a large variety of fonts that web designers can use to make their sites easily readable. One massively helpful tool this site offers is the font identifier. One can upload any image of text they find, including from other websites, and instantly identify the name of the font.

10. Free Vectors

This website is solely devoted to sharing free vectors with other community members. Free Vectors currently has a large selection of highly unique vectors available for both personal and commercial use. This site provides free web hosting for your vector images, so they can be displayed for the community to share and use on their own sites.

There are countless places online to find graphics to create a new website. Once your site is up on web hosting and is ready to be built, it’s time to take a look at these free graphic providers above. We’re sure every designer will be able to find the best graphics for their web design projects again and again. No longer will anyone have to waste their time scanning sites upon sites. With this free graphics list above web designers can save a bundle of time on every project.